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st. george street | st. augustine, fl

Deep in the heart of America’s oldest city, a vintage gastropub and lounge has been born.  Invoking the spirit of Bartolo, who on this very spot created “Genovar Theater”, the social epicenter of Flagler’s prohibition era… we offer you an escape into the clandestine, mysterious, and yes, illegal world of flapper dresses, speakeasies, moonshine, and swing.  Sashay in and let your senses be seduced.  Our Chef’s seasonally inspired techniques using local ingredients put the exclamation point on your rendezvous back in time… experience the Prohibition Kitchen.

Our restaurant

Prohibition Kitchen is serving up music and style on St. George Street. This 1920s and Prohibition-era themed pub offers generous portions of locally-sourced bar food, craft cocktails, and live music every night.

Prohibition Kitchen’s two-level seating area is outfitted in a vintage industrial style. Restaurant-goers may dine on the first floor in intimate booths for speakeasy vibes, or enjoy a meal on the balcony level overlooking the stage and bar area. Boasting the longest bar in the city, Prohibition Kitchen is an ode to fellowship and booze.

The building has been artfully renovated using reclaimed materials from the original colonial structure, like the 400-year-old heart of pine ceiling boards, which were used to create the bar and booth tables at Prohibition Kitchen.

meet the team

At Prohibition Kitchen, we believe that the key to a truly exceptional dining experience lies in the hands and hearts of our dedicated and passionate team members. Our restaurant is not just a place to savor exquisite cuisine; it’s a haven where you can connect with the talented individuals who craft, serve, and elevate your culinary journey.

James Greaves

Chief Culinary Officer

Lashunta Oxindine

Executive Chef

Shannon Smith

General Manager

Elly Larkin

Bar Manager